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Recommended Sellers (r/AirReps)


Version Seller Official Store Direct Link
V3E HiCity https://hicitypods.com https://airreps.link/hcv3md
V3E Jenny https://jenny.airreps.info https://airreps.info/jennyv3e
V3U Jenny https://jenny.airreps.info http://airreps.info/jennyv3u


Version Seller Official Store Direct Link
V5.1 Jenny https://jenny.airreps.info https://airreps.link/jenny
V5.1 HiCity https://hicitypods.com https://airreps.link/hcprov51
V5.0 Jenny https://jenny.airreps.info https://airreps.link/jenny
V4.2 HiCity https://hicitypods.com https://airreps.link/hcpv42


Version Seller Official Store Direct Link
V4.9 (Tigerbuilder) HiCity https://hicitypods.com https://airreps.link/hcv49tb
V4.9 (HR) HiCity https://hicitypods.com https://airreps.link/hcv49hr
V4.9 (Tigerbuilder) Jenny https://jenny.airreps.info https://airreps.info/jennyv49tb
V4.9 (HR) Jenny https://jenny.airreps.info http://airreps.info/jennyv49hr
V4.8 Jenny https://jenny.airreps.info https://airreps.info/jenny
V4.8 HiCity https://hicitypods.com https://airreps.link/hcv48
V4.7 Jenny https://jenny.airreps.info http://airreps.info/jennyv47hui
V4.7 HiCity https://hicitypods.com https://airreps.link/hcv47
V4.5 (HR) Jenny https://jenny.airreps.info http://airreps.info/jennyv45hr
V4.5 (Hulian) Jenny https://jenny.airreps.info http://airreps.info/jennyv45hui
V4.5 HiCity https://hicitypods.com https://airreps.link/hcv45d
V4 HiCity https://hicitypods.com https://airreps.link/hcv4blued


Version Seller Official Store Direct Link
V1.6 HiCity https://hicitypods.com https://airreps.link/hicityairmax
V1.5 Jenny https://jenny.airreps.info http://airreps.info/jennymax15


Version Seller Official Store Direct Link
V1.3 Jenny https://jenny.airreps.info http://airreps.link/jennyv13
V1.3 HiCity https://hicitypods.com https://airreps.link/hcv13g3
V1E Jenny https://jenny.airreps.info https://airreps.link/jennyv1e
V1.2 (Upgraded) Jenny https://jenny.airreps.info http://airreps.link/jennyv12upgrade
V1.2 Jenny https://jenny.airreps.info http://airreps.link/jennyv12
V1 Jenny https://jenny.airreps.info http://airreps.link/g3v1
V1.2 HiCity https://hicitypods.com http://airreps.link/hicityv12

Guide to Buying AirPods on AliExpress & AliBaba


• When purchasing from Ali, it's important to keep in mind that you are not guaranteed the same level of customer service, refunds, or returns as you would with a larger, more established retailer like Amazon. Your payment information is encrypted through AliPay, so it is safe to make purchases, but it's important to be aware that there may be limitations on refunds and returns, and that you are ultimately responsible for ensuring that you are satisfied with your purchase. It's always a good idea to thoroughly research a seller before making a purchase to ensure that you are comfortable with their policies and reputation. BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK

• It is always a good idea to pay with a credit card or debit card that offers chargeback protection. This way, if the seller is unwilling or unable to issue a refund, you can dispute the transaction and potentially get your money back through the chargeback process.

• We recommend only trusted sellers who will always take care of VAT/Taxes and declare the package value as low, which means you won't have to pay VAT when the package arrives in the EU. If you live in the U.S. or another country, you can ask the seller to declare the value at around $10-20 USD to avoid any import fees.

Please note that this information only applies when ordering from sellers other than HiCity or Jenny Airreps website. If you order from those websites, you don't need to worry about customs declarations or the type of box, as they will be handled automatically.

Alternatively, if you want a box with Apple logos, you can request a "with Apple box" instead of a "no logo box". However, there is a higher risk of the package being seized at customs and you not receiving a refund. We do not recommend this option, as the AirPods inside are the same regardless of the box, but if you want to take the risk, you can request a box with Apple logos.

• After you purchase, go to your order page and check the name of your product (e.g. Pro Airoha white). Click "Contact Supplier" to message the seller and confirm that they are sending the correct product. Do not ask about specific features or details like "is this v2.5 with an Airoha chip?", as the sellers may not use these names. You can also inquire about the "No logo box, with text on the case, declare "Gift and Value": $11" to see if it is possible. Please note that some sellers may not be able to accommodate these requests.

IMPORTANT: Please let the sellers know that you are from the AirReps community. This will help ensure that they provide you with excellent service and uphold our community's standards. Additionally, it gives us leverage to advocate for future buyers like you. By letting the sellers know that you are part of our community, you will be helping both yourself and other members of AirReps.

• On your Order page on AliExpress, there will be a shipping countdown timer that will automatically confirm delivery after a certain number of days. If the timer is about to expire and you haven't received your order, make sure to click "Extend Shipping Time" to give yourself an additional 15 days. Only click "Order Received" once you have received your order and confirmed that it is in good working condition.

If you want to purchase from HiCity, you may want to consider buying through his official website (https://hicitypods.com/) instead of AliExpress. This is because HiCity is not allowed to sell AirPods with Apple markings on AliExpress. Please note that there is no corporation-backed buyer guarantee when purchasing from HiCity's official website, but he has demonstrated in the past that he is trustworthy.

Guide to PandaBuy

How to Order Replica Goods Safely and Securely with PandaBuy


Welcome to the world of replica goods and Chinese products. As an avid member of the AirReps community, I understand the importance of purchasing goods from China in a safe and secure way. That's why I'm writing this guide - to provide you with the knowledge and tools to make your shopping experience as smooth as possible.

I would like to add that our verified sellers such as HiCity and Jenny already provide safe ways of shipping directly to you. This guide is meant for people that would like to purchase from Taobao sellers, or combine their purchases with their hauls to then ship them all in one e.g. to save on shipping or get QC pictures.

When buying from China, one of the best ways to ensure a safe and secure shopping experience is to use a Taobao agent, such as PandaBuy. PandaBuy offers a range of unique features and competitive shipping prices, making it the top choice for the AirReps community. In this guide, I'll be walking you through everything you need to know to start ordering products from China today, including popular items like AirPods replicas.

General Info About Taobao Agents

  1. What is an Agent? An agent is a middle-man service provider that allows you to purchase goods from a range of websites, including Taobao, Weidian, 1688, Yupoo, and more. Think of it like Amazon or eBay for China - solely for China. The problem is that it can be difficult to establish a connection between your country and China. This is where an agent comes in.

You browse through your favorite Taobao shops and find some items you want to buy. Instead of buying them directly from Taobao, you purchase them through your agent (in this case, PandaBuy). PandaBuy buys the items and sends them to their warehouse, where pictures are taken and uploaded for you to see. After you've confirmed that everything is good, PandaBuy will package and ship the items to you. They act as the connection between you and Taobao.

Which agent to use?

The Reddit Replica community has a range of options when it comes to agents. However, I highly recommend using PandaBuy due to their unique features and pricing that are tailored to the replica community. Over the years, I've used several agents and have found that PandaBuy offers the most honest, swift, and professional customer experience. Many members of the community are starting to move towards PandaBuy, and in this guide, I'll be using it as an example.


  1. Signing up As a precaution, I recommend using a unique password that isn't used for any other websites. This is a precautionary measure that should be done on all websites, not just China-related sites. Also don't worry about your payment information such as Paypal - You never enter your Paypal email + password on the PandaBuy homepage, it always redirects you to Paypal's official website where you log in as usual. PandaBuy also uses a secure connection between you and them (https).
  2. Ordering Process - How to order (Image & Text Version)
  • Go to Pandabuy.com after signing up HERE for your 5% off Discount
  • Find the item you want on Taobao (Or contact one of the verified sellers directly on WhatsApp and get them to ship to the PandaBuy warehouse, such as https://hicitypods.com and https://jenny.airreps.info) and paste in the link OR if you know the name of your seller, type it into the product navigation bar:


  • Select the color and size you want and add it to your cart
  • Choose your destination country from the Choose Destination Country box and select submit
  • If you have an existing balance in your PandaBuy account from previous purchases that you have returned, you can use that to buy the product. If not, select your preferred payment method and pay for the order.
  • Wait for the seller to ship the order. Once it arrives in the PandaBuy warehouse, you will receive a notification.
  • View QC pictures of the product in your warehouse and submit it for shipping if you are satisfied with the product. Source

How to Quality Check & Legit Check Replica AirPods

Hello! If you are reading this, you may be looking to quality check your replica AirPods or considering purchasing authentic ones. In this section of the guide, we will discuss how to tell the difference between retail and replica AirPods. We will start with the simpler methods and move on to more advanced ones. Please keep in mind that if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.

First off, we will start with the simple ones to check design flaws.

• One way to tell the difference between retail and replica AirPods is to check if the LED light is diffused, or frosted. This means that the plastic inside the LED is transparent and almost greyish in color, rather than just being a hole. If the AirPods have this feature, it is a good indication that they are authentic. This method works for all AirPods models, from the first generation to the Pro version.

• Compare the color of the hinge on the case to reference pictures. Here are some examples:

  • For AirPods with a wired case (first and second generation, with the lower sync button on the left) and a wireless case (second generation, with the centered sync button on the right): https://i.imgur.com/JfMAIrY.jpeg
  • For AirPods Pro case (with "Made in Vietnam" text on the back): https://i.imgur.com/SnA7mqI.jpg

• Check if the button on the case is flush with the rest of the case. If the button is not flush, it is a sign that the AirPods are replicas. In authentic AirPods, the button should be flush with the case.

• We will not cover the text on the AirPods that includes certifications and serial/model numbers, as these can vary depending on the region where the AirPods were sold.

We will now go over software differences.

• One of the easiest ways to tell if your AirPods are authentic is to check if the popup appears within 2-3 seconds of turning on Bluetooth. If the popup appears, it is a good indication that your AirPods are authentic.

• Another way to verify the authenticity of your AirPods is to check if they have device settings under the "i" button next to the Bluetooth name in your device settings. This method works for iOS 10 or higher with first-generation AirPods, iOS 12.2 or higher with second-generation AirPods, and iOS 13.2 or higher with AirPods Pro. If your AirPods have these settings, it is a good indication that they are authentic.

• To check the authenticity of your AirPods using the "About Page" method, go to your device settings while your AirPods are connected and click on the "About" section. Scroll down and look for a page called "AirPods" or "AirPods Pro" (this should only appear for authentic AirPods). Then, compare the serial number on this page to the serial number on the AirPods case to make sure they match. If the serial numbers match and there is an "AirPods" or "AirPods Pro" page in your device settings, it is a good indication that your AirPods are authentic.

• OOn AirPods Pro, you can check for the presence of a "Spatial Audio" toggle in the AirPods settings (this requires iOS 14 or higher and an iPhone 7 or newer). If the toggle is present, it is another indication that your AirPods are authentic. To test the "Spatial Audio" feature, use the demo provided by Apple. When the feature is enabled, the audio should sound like it is coming directly from the speakers of your phone. You should be able to walk around the phone and the audio should follow you, as if the phone were a speaker (other people should not be able to hear the audio). If the "Spatial Audio" feature works as described, it is another indication that your AirPods are authentic.

Recommended Sellers (r/RepTronics)

Sellers from China are located in the GMT+8 time zone, keep that in mind when messaging.

These are recommended sellers from the r/RepTronics community.


Discord Jack (HICITY)#7286 WhatsApp +86 13712295625


WhatsApp +86 15382660750


Discord Bokav#5534


Discord Jax9#0775 WhatsApp +8613035728827


Discord Mr. Chen#5249 WhatsApp +8613336557084


WhatsApp +8619129447106 (more ways available at https://aisenstore.xyz/)

Where to buy Replica AirPods


V3.1 Airoha 1562E

HiCity: https://hicity.shop/product.php?id=21

Dyson: https://aisenstore.xyz/product.php?id=3

Jenny: https://jenius.store/product.php?id=1

Jax9: https://ekell.en.alibaba.com

2nd Gen  1562E

Vincent: https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/ME-PO-air-2-tws-airoha1536_1600069772352.html

2nd Gen 1562E

Airoha 1562U

Dyson: https://aisenstore.xyz/product.php?id=2

Airoha 1562M

HiCity: https://hicity.shop/product.php?id=27

Kasen: https://kasen.digital


V1.1 Huilian A10 / A10S

HiCity: https://hicity.shop/product.php?id=15 Dyson: https://aisenstore.xyz/product.php?id=5

Jenny: https://jenius.store/product.php?id=14

Jax9: https://ekell.en.alibaba.com

3rd Gen

Huilian Kasen: https://kasen.digital

Vincent: https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/newest-Air-4-Gaming-Headset-air_1600370534275.html

Airoha 1562E

Dyson: https://aisenstore.xyz/product.php?id=24

Jenny: https://jenius.store/product.php?id=5

Jax9: https://ekell.en.alibaba.com

3rd Gen  1562E

Vincent: https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/newest-Air-4-Gaming-Headset-air_1600370534275.html


BES 2500

HiCity: https://hicity.shop/product.php?id=16

Dyson: https://aisenstore.xyz/product.php?id=4 Jenny: https://jenius.store/product.php?id=4

V1.0 JL

Vincent: https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/newest-Air-4-Gaming-Headset-air_1600370534275.html  JL/Jerry

Airoha 1562U

Dyson: https://aisenstore.xyz/product.php?id=25

Jenny: https://jenius.store/product.php?id=9

Vincent: https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/newest-Air-4-Gaming-Headset-air_1600370534275.html

1562M or 1562U


V4.6 Airoha 1562AE

TigerBuilder Variant HiCity: https://hicity.shop/product.php?id=30

Dyson: https://aisenstore.xyz/product.php?id=8

Jenny: https://jenius.store/product.php?id=15

Jax9: https://ekell.en.alibaba.com

Pro 1  1562AE

Vincent: https://szyancheng1688.en.alibaba.com/product/1600073876457-917693546/M_PAP_PRO_2_gift_3_set_wireless_earphone_v4_5_airoha_1562A_updated_v4_6_huilian_A6_Airoha_1562AE_tigerbuilder_Engrave_your_name.html

Pro 1 V4.6 1562AE HR Variant

Dyson: https://aisenstore.xyz/product.php?id=9

Jenny: https://jenius.store/product.php?id=13

Huilian A6 Pro

HiCity: https://hicity.shop/product.php?id=28

Dyson: https://aisenstore.xyz/product.php?id=6

Jenny: https://jenius.store/product.php?id=11

Jax9: https://ekell.en.alibaba.com

Pro 2

Huilian Vincent: https://szyancheng1688.en.alibaba.com/product/1600073876457-917693546/M_PAP_PRO_2_gift_3_set_wireless_earphone_v4_5_airoha_1562A_updated_v4_6_huilian_A6_Airoha_1562AE_tigerbuilder_Engrave_your_name.html

Pro 1 V4.6 Huilian

BES 2500

HiCity: https://hicity.shop/product.php?id=29

Dyson: https://aisenstore.xyz/product.php?id=7

Jenny: https://jenius.store/product.php?id=3

V4.5 Airoha 1562A

TigerBuilder Variant Jenny: https://jenius.store/product.php?id=12

Kasen: https://kasen.digital

Vincent: https://szyancheng1688.en.alibaba.com/product/1600073876457-917693546/M_PAP_PRO_2_gift_3_set_wireless_earphone_v4_5_airoha_1562A_updated_v4_6_huilian_A6_Airoha_1562AE_tigerbuilder_Engrave_your_name.html

Pro 1 V4.5 1562A

HR Variant Jenny: https://jenius.store/product.php?id=8

Flying Tiger Variant HiCity: https://hicity.shop/product.php?id=31

Haoyue Variant HiCity: https://hicity.shop/product.php?id=32

Huilian A8

Jenny: https://jenius.store/product.php?id=6


V1.1 Huilian H2S Pro

HiCity: https://hicity.shop/product.php?id=57

Dyson: https://aisenstore.xyz/product.php?id=22

Jenny: https://jenius.store/product.php?id=17

Jax9: https://ekell.en.alibaba.com

Huilian H2S

Jenny: https://jenius.store/product.php?id=16

V1.0 Bluetrum 8922

HiCity: https://hicity.shop/product.php?id=34

Dyson: https://aisenstore.xyz/product.php?id=15

Jax9: https://ekell.en.alibaba.com


V1.0 Bluetrum 8992A

HiCity: https://hicity.shop/product.php?id=25

Dyson: https://aisenstore.xyz/product.php?id=10

Jenny: https://jenius.store/product.php?id=7

Jax9: https://ekell.en.alibaba.com

Max Kasen: http://kasen.digital

Guide to Replica AirPods


• When purchasing AirPods replicas, be aware that you're purchasing from a third party that is attempting to replicate the original AirPods. This means that the customer service and buyer protection you may be accustomed to from traditional sellers may not be available from these sellers. It is important to carefully research sellers before making a purchase and to be prepared for potential issues with the product or seller.

• There are many sellers of AirPods replicas, including those that have verified reviews on this subreddit and on the discord. However, be aware that reviews on websites like AliExpress, DHgate, and other Chinese e-commerce websites may not be legitimate or unbiased. If you choose to purchase from an unverified seller, be prepared for the possibility of receiving a poor quality product. If this happens, be sure to update the staff team with the outcome of your experience.

• There are also resellers of AirPods replicas, such as PodsBay, BlackPods, Knockies, MGET, etc., who may sell the same products at a higher price. These resellers may offer additional services such as a warranty, buyer protection, customer service, and express shipping. However, be cautious when purchasing from resellers, as there have been reports of poor experiences with these sellers. In some cases, resellers may engage in unethical business practices and may be overpriced. Note that buying from a reseller does not guarantee a "better" product than what you would get from a traditional seller. In some cases, you may receive a worse quality product from a reseller.


• No-logo box: This type of box is white and has a generic shape that is similar to the original AirPods box. It features an image of AirPods, but does not have the "AirPods" text, Apple logos, or trademarks. The manual and charging cable included in the box are also generic and do not have the serial numbers that are typically found on original AirPods packaging.

• Apple logo box: This type of box resembles the packaging that you would receive when purchasing AirPods from Apple or another legitimate retailer. It has the traditional "AirPods" text and Apple logos on the outside, and the manuals and charging cable inside have Apple markings. Requesting an "Apple box" may increase the risk of the product being stopped in customs, resulting in a fine or destruction of the product. However, many sellers use a double box technique, where the actual Apple box is hidden inside a generic headphone-shaped box, which can help to reduce this risk.

• The quality of the box can vary, from well-made with correctly embossed text and aligned labels, to sloppier or lower quality. If the quality of the box is important to you, be sure to ask the seller for photos of the box before making a purchase.

• Please note that the box or packaging may arrive slightly dented or creased on the outside. This is often due to handling by the international and local courier, rather than the seller.

• The charging cable included in the box may not support data transfer like many other USB cables. This is because the sellers often use cables with dummy pins instead of real working pins in order to save money.


• The iOS popup appears almost instantly on some AirPods replicas, although this can vary depending on the seller and batch. In some cases, the popup may appear faster than on original AirPods.

• The range of most AirPods replicas is similar to that of original AirPods, at around 10 meters. This range can be affected by thick walls or other obstructions.

• The latency of some AirPods replicas may be better than on original AirPods, resulting in improved synchronization between audio and video. Websites like YouTube automatically adjust for latency.

• None of the currently available replicas support connecting to multiple devices at once using iCloud Connect.

• Some of the newer clones may have difficulty connecting to macOS. If this happens, please refer to the Troubleshooting section for potential solutions.

• Some batches or units of AirPods replicas may have issues playing audio on iOS, which is often caused by Apple WatchOS 7+. This can cause iOS to send all audio output to the watch instead of the AirPods. The V3M, V4.5, and newer versions have addressed this issue and should not cause problems. The fix for this issue can be found in the Troubleshooting section.

• In some cases, AirPods replicas may not connect to iOS devices at first. However, there is often a fix that can resolve this issue. Please refer to the Troubleshooting section for more information.


• The average battery life of AirPods replicas is around 3 hours per charge with normal use at a normal volume (75%). The AirPods case can charge the pods fully 2-3 times on average after a full charge. The latest AirPods Gen 2 replica, the V3M/V3U, claims to have a battery life of 5-6 hours per charge.

• The actual battery life may vary slightly depending on the version, the chip, and the particular batch. Some newer models may be able to achieve up to 5 hours of battery time, but it is not guaranteed.

• The battery levels on iOS devices may not always be accurate, but the AirPods replicas will beep when the battery is low (20%) just like original AirPods. On Android, you can check the battery levels in Bluetooth Devices, or use apps like TWTools (https://airreps.info/twtools), Materialpods, or Andropods, etc. This issue has been fixed in newer replicas.

• The AirPods replicas support wireless charging, but be careful when using this feature. There is a small chance of overheating if the replicas are wirelessly charged for an extended period of time (longer than the 1-2 hours it takes to fully charge the replicas), and a very small risk of melting (burnt plastic has been reported in a very small number of cases). Fast charging (using a cable or wirelessly) may also cause the replicas to break, so use caution if you plan to use this feature.


• All current models of AirPods replicas support name changing, GPS (iOS only), and changing tap controls (iOS and macOS only). Some models also support Spatial Audio, Audio Share, and Live Listen (both iOS only). Certain AirPods Pro models support transparency mode (iOS only), and newer models support Active Noise Cancelling (ANC), although the ANC on these replicas may not be as effective as on original AirPods. It may take time for ANC on replicas to be fully perfected.

• The in-ear sensors on the replicas are almost instant, with a delay of around 1 second* to pause the music when removed from the ears. The "beep" sound when putting the AirPods in the ear is the correct Apple sound, although the quality may be lower on some models or batches.

• The tap controls or Force Touch controls on the replicas may take some getting used to, but they do work. For 2nd generation replicas, a firm tap is required, not a soft touch like on original AirPods. For Pro models, only a light push or squeeze is needed, not a touch.

• The microphone quality on the replicas is not the best. It is usable, but not as good as on original AirPods. However, the mic quality on the latest AirPods 2 replicas, the V3M/V3U, is very comparable to the mic quality on original AirPods.

• Some models of AirPods replicas have red/blue/green LEDs that will only turn on when resetting or malfunctioning. These LEDs will never come on during normal use. If the pods disconnect from each other and the LEDs turn on, please refer to the Troubleshooting section and do a pairing reset.

• The exact delay for the in-ear sensors may vary depending on the batch.


Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) is a technology that creates a sensation of "cancelled noise" for the listener. This is achieved using the principles of constructive and destructive interference, where an "anti-noise" is produced to oppose the sound waves of the ambient outside noise, resulting in a cancellation effect.

While ANC aims to eliminate as much external noise as possible, very few headsets are able to provide a completely noiseless experience.

There are three different implementations of ANC: Feedback, Feedforward, and Hybrid. Each variation has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Feedback ANC (Filter Microphone inside the ear cup)

This method uses a microphone placed inside the ear cup, so that it picks up the same sounds that the listener would be exposed to. This allows the ANC to adapt to sudden changes and make signal corrections more effectively. Feedback ANC works well across a wide range of frequencies and is still effective even if the headset is worn in an odd or unusual way.

However, it is not as effective at handling high-frequency sounds, particularly in the 1000-2000 Hz range. An improper design can also result in noise feedback (a high-pitched shrill that sometimes comes from a microphone). Additionally, because the filter microphone is inside the ear cup, feedback ANC can filter out your music as it gets mixed in with the noise it is trying to cancel.

Feedforward ANC (Filter Microphone outside the ear cup)

A feedforward setup uses an external microphone to process the noise before the listener hears it, creating an anti-noise frequency and sending the filtered noise to the listener. This is effective because it captures the noise early and has more time to respond by producing the anti-noise. This allows feedforward ANC to be more successful at reducing high-frequency noises in the 1000-2000 Hz range.

However, feedforward ANC lacks self-correction because it never actually hears the anti-noise it is producing. It assumes that the listener will not hear any noise. If the headset is worn at an unusual angle, this can sometimes result in the amplification of certain frequencies.

In addition, feedforward ANC works in a smaller range of frequencies and is more exposed to the outside world and sensitive to noises like wind because the microphone is external.

Hybrid ANC (Filter Microphone inside AND outside the ear cup)

As the name suggests, the hybrid variation combines the best aspects of feedback and feedforward ANC by using both an external and internal microphone. This means it provides the benefits of both methods without any of the disadvantages. Hybrid ANC suppresses noise over a broader range, adapts to sudden changes in noise, and is not sensitive to the placement of the headset.

However, this comes at a higher cost because using two microphones often results in a higher price. The technology behind hybrid ANC is more complex and requires more expertise to perfect, making it more expensive overall. For example, the retail AirPods Pro use this hybrid variation, which is one of the reasons for their high price. We can also see this technology being replicated in the AirPods clone market. For example, HiCity's newly released v4.5 (featuring the Airoha 1562A chipset) also replicates the hybrid ANC effect to provide a full and authentic noise-canceling experience.


• Overall, the case and pods have a good weight to them; some models might even have the accurate weight as the original AirPods.

• The hinge on some models is plastic with metallic paint, while others use a real metal hinge. Some plastic hinges feel cheap - they squeak, move, and do not feel solid. While they are usable, they are noticeable when compared to the original AirPods. Metal hinges feel significantly better.

• The "Designed by Apple" text on the back is in a similar font. The text inside the case and buds looks similar but does not say the same thing as the original AirPods. Some batches have real serial numbers while others do not. On some batches, the text is not straight or might be a lighter or darker grey than the original AirPods. The quality of the text varies by seller.

• The back button is flush with the case, but on some models, it clicks louder than the original and does not feel as smooth. Some batches have a more pronounced button.

• All the latest models have reverse magnets so the lid stays open when needed.

• Some models have an LED diffuser to dim the LED.

• On AirPods Pro replicas, make sure not to force off the ear tips if they do not come off easily, as this could damage the pods. To remove the ear tips, twist and pull them off, and hold the pod by its tip and not by the stem to prevent any damage.


• The best widely available AirPods 2, AirPods 3 and AirPods Pro replicas are about 8-9/10 in sound quality when compared to the original AirPods.

• Sound quality can vary depending on the version, the chip, and the batch. Many models have a focus on bass, but it is not overpowering. Mids come through nicely, but highs could be better (the EQ can vary by seller, and can be adjusted using a music player's settings).

• These replicas are recommended for genres like Rap or EDM. If you listen to genres like Rock where songs have a lot of different instruments, they may sound a little messy.

• If you do not like the sound of your AirPods replicas, join our Discord server where many community members post their own EQ settings which may give you a sound you prefer.

• Delay is around 50-150 ms depending on the version. It is barely noticeable; for reference, the original AirPods have a delay of between 140-200 ms.

• Some older batches may come with a faint clicking sound in one ear when nothing is playing. This should go away when audio is played. There is currently no known way to fix this. Some batches may also have one ear louder than the other; this can be fixed in settings or physically for a better effect, as described in the troubleshooting section at https://airreps.info/lrfix.

Common FAQ

Q: Do AirPods Pro sound better than AirPods 2 and 3?

• A: Since AirPods Pro seal into the ear, they may sound significantly better than AirPods 2/3, which are shaped to let outside noise in. However, the AirPods 2/3 clones do sound closer to the original than the AirPods Pro clones at this point. It is recommended to choose the shape and fit that is preferred.

Q: Can the settings on Android be changed using an iPhone?

• A: If you use Android, you can make all your touch settings changes on an iPhone at https://airreps.info/iossettings. These changes should carry over to your Android, although sometimes this doesn't work.

Q: Can fake AirPods be charged in a real case?

• A: No, fake AirPods should not be charged in a real case. Doing so may cause the fake AirPods to break soon after. It is also not recommended to charge real AirPods in a fake case.

Q: Will AirPods cases fit on clones?

• A: All soft silicone protective cases will fit, but hard plastic cases may not fit most clones (mostly older models as they are slightly bigger than the originals). Some hard cases may fit, but may not come off or affect the button if it sticks out slightly.

Q: Are AirPods Max reps available?

• A: AirPods Max replicas have been released, but are not fully polished yet. Jenny and HiCity have recently started selling AirPods Max replicas using the Bluetrum 8892E. The current price is $120, but prices are expected to decrease in the future as factories continue to develop these replicas.

Q: Why are there no Alibaba/AliExpress links?

• A: There used to be links to AliExpress and Alibaba stores, but Apple started aggressively cracking down on these, making it nearly impossible to maintain the links. As a result, the sellers opened their own websites, which are more secure and robust.

Q: Why might similar communities have newer products than this guide?

A: The products listed in this guide are the highest quality and are carefully selected to meet our standards. We update the list every day to ensure that only the best products are included. Other communities may have lower standards and may include products that are not as high-quality. It is also possible that they use a different naming scheme for their products, which could make it appear as though they have newer products than this guide.

Which model is the best?

A: The top-listed model is the latest one, while the other models are previous versions. To find the best one for you, consider factors such as your budget, shipping availability, and desired features. It is also a good idea to search for reviews of the different models and make your own decision based on that information.

Q: How can I determine the version of a clone I found?

A: It is not possible to determine the version of a clone without actually using it. The chip numbers and pictures provided by sellers are not reliable indicators of a clone's version. Asking sellers if a particular clone is a certain version will not provide useful information, as they may not understand the question. If you are willing to take the risk, you can purchase a random clone. However, to ensure that you know exactly which model you are getting, it is best to purchase from verified sellers.

Q: How can I determine the chip in my AirPods?

A: To check the chip in your AirPods, you can try downloading the Airoha Headset app and attempting to connect your AirPods to it. If they connect, then they are using an Airoha chip. You can also download the AirReps 156X Airoha app on Android and use it to connect your AirPods. The app will provide information about the chipset in your AirPods, but only if they are using an Airoha chip. If your AirPods do not connect to either of these apps, you can use the following method:

Check the audio codec of your AirPods. To do this you need to use an Android 8.1 or Higher but lower than 10 device, or Mac.

At the moment, it is hard to tell from the codec, as most chipsets now support AAC, but if it has SBC you can be sure the reps are using a lower-end chipset.

Q: How can I determine if my AirPods are real?

A: To quickly check if your AirPods are real, connect them to an iPhone and go to Settings > General > About. If there is an "AirPods" section when you scroll down, check that the serial number shown there matches the serial number on the inside of the AirPods lid (http://airreps.info/aboutsection). If there is no AirPods section, then your AirPods are likely fake. Some newer replica AirPods may have a functioning "About" page, in which case you can check for the presence of Spatial Audio and head tracking. For AirPods, you can also check the firmware version in the About page to ensure that it matches the latest version released by Apple. If you are unsure about the authenticity of your AirPods and cannot check before purchasing, you can ask for help on the r/airreps subreddit or Discord.

Q: Are i9999, Superpods, etc. better than Supercopy or the products listed in the guide?

A: In the past, these names were used to indicate upgrades or improvements to replica AirPods. However, Chinese sellers have started using these names to make it appear as though they are offering newer or better products when they are actually just selling the same products as before. As a result, these names no longer carry any meaning and should be ignored. Instead, focus on the actual features and quality of the products when making a purchasing decision.

Q: Will I get a good quality unit? A: It is not possible to guarantee the quality of a unit, as it can vary even among units from the same seller. However, the sellers mentioned in the original text are generally known for offering good quality products.

Q: How do I contact sellers? A: To contact sellers, you can join the AirReps Discord Server server and obtain their WhatsApp numbers, as they are not publicly available. Alternatively, you can use AliExpress to message them by clicking "Contact Supplier".

Q: Is the minimum order more than one unit? A: If you would like to order only one unit, you can click "Buy Sample" on the product page. Alternatively, you can contact the seller and request that they create an order for a single unit for you.

Q: I ordered x days ago and my package hasn't arrived yet. What should I do? A: Shipping from China can sometimes take a while. Tracking information may disappear once the package leaves China, and will only be updated once it reaches customs in your country. If it has been a long time and there is still no tracking information available, you should contact your seller for an update.

Q: My tracking information is in Chinese. What should I do? A: If you have tracking information that is in Chinese, you can copy the tracking number and paste it into the website https://www.17track.net/. This will allow you to see updates in English. Alternatively, you can open the tracking updates on a computer and paste them into Google Translate to see them in a different language.

Q: My card is not working. What should I do? A: If your card is not working, you should contact the seller and ask if they will accept a different form of payment. Keep in mind that some alternative payment methods, such as Transferwise and Xoom, do not offer buyer protection. If the seller is unable to accept a different form of payment, you can try using a different card or purchasing from a different seller. You may also be able to verify your card through Apple Pay (if you have access to an iOS device) and use Apple Pay to make the purchase.

Q: The shipping cost is too high. What should I do? A: If the shipping cost is too high, you can contact the seller and ask if they can offer a cheaper shipping option, such as ePacket. You can also ask if they can ship the package through an agent, which may be less expensive. If the seller is unable to offer a cheaper shipping option, you may want to consider purchasing from a different seller. Source

Commonly Used Terms (Glossary)

Not sure what W2C means? What’s ANC? Don’t be confused, here’s a comprehensive dictionary explaining some of the lingo often used in the AirReps community.

W2C: Where To Cop/Where To Buy

[1] Often used when looking for the source or seller of a particular product. Essentially means, “Where can I buy this item?”

For example:

"Can you put the W2C for the V3.9's in the subreddit?"

[2] Can also be used when providing where to buy a particular item.

For example:

"I'll put the W2C in #clone-reviews tomorrow."

Reps/Clones: Replicas

[1] Product imitations with the intention of copying a particular product (in this case AirPods) as precisely as possible. This is not the same as a ‘knockoff’.

For example:

"Where can I get the best AirPods reps/clones?"


[1] A spin-off or recreation of a product, but is noticeably not the same branding as the brand it’s trying to “knock-off” (often to avoid counterfeit product charges/infringing intellectual property rights).

For example:

"He got those "Gucce" shoes on."

GP: Guinea Pig

Guinea Pigging is a term used in online communities to refer to the act of being the first person to order a seller's product. This means that you will be the first to receive the product and post pictures of it online, allowing the community to evaluate its quality. This can be a risky proposition, as the product may not be of good quality, but it helps to inform the community and is appreciated by other members.

For example:

"Is anyone willing to GP Troy's V4's or Xiao Daniel's Gen 2's?"

In this example, the person is asking if anyone is willing to be the first to order and review the quality of these products. This is a common request in online communities where people buy and sell replica or knock-off products.

QC: Quality Control [PICS]

[1] Quality Control (QC for short) PICS are pictures that are used to verify that a purchased product is of good quality.

For example:

"Can you send me the QC pics for HiCity v2.5's?"

In this example, the person is asking for pictures that show the quality of the HiCity v2.5's, in order to determine if they are worth buying.

[2] In its proper meaning, Quality Control refers to how sellers maintain standards in manufactured products by testing a sample of the output to ensure their products are functioning correctly.

For example:

"Vincent's QC has gotten really poor recently. So many batches are defective!"

In this example, the person is saying that Vincent's quality control has been poor, resulting in many defective products. This can be a serious issue for sellers, as it can lead to customer dissatisfaction and potential legal issues.

LC: Legit Check

A "legit check" refers to the act of verifying that a product is authentic. This is often done when someone purchases a product from a non-retail source, such as a person-to-person marketplace like eBay or Facebook Marketplace, and wants to be sure that they are getting the real thing. Legit checks are a useful way for buyers to protect themselves from buying counterfeit or fake products.

For example:

"Can someone LC these AirPods Pros for me? Someone's offering them on Facebook Marketplace for $130, which seems too good to be true."

In this example, the person is asking someone to verify that the AirPods Pros they are considering purchasing are authentic. They are skeptical because the price seems unusually low, which could indicate that the product is not genuine. Legit checks can help buyers avoid being scammed or misled when purchasing products online.

Agent: Freight agent/shipping forwarder

An agent is a third party who helps facilitate the safe purchase of a product from a seller, often located in China, to the buyer. They act as a representative for the buyer and try to ensure that the product is not faulty or damaged and that the buyer receives exactly what they expect to receive.

For example:

"You might need to use an agent to get them, as currently HiCity doesn't ship to the Philippines."

In this example, the person is suggesting that the buyer use an agent to help them purchase the product from HiCity, since HiCity does not directly ship to the Philippines.

"The seller tried to trick me by sending i12's but luckily my agent provided QC pics, and I was able to return it."

In this example, the person's agent helped to prevent them from being scammed by a dishonest seller. The agent provided quality control pictures that showed that the seller had attempted to send a different product than the one that the buyer had ordered. This allowed the buyer to return the product and get a refund.


The text on the case and AirPods that provides general information about the AirPods is called the "product labeling." This labeling typically includes the "Designed by Apple in California" text, as well as model numbers and serial numbers that can be used to identify the specific product and its features. This labeling is important for providing consumers with important information about the product, such as its compatibility with other devices and its warranty coverage.

Transparency mode

Transparency mode is an ambient sound mode that is available on some models of AirPods, such as the AirPods Pro. This mode uses a microphone to allow you to hear some environmental sounds, such as traffic or the boarding gate call at an airport, while also listening to the audio from your AirPods. This can be helpful for remaining aware of your surroundings while also enjoying your music or other audio.

For example:

"I love transparency mode because I can focus in on the music from my AirPods and I can hear when the phone's ringing."

In this example, the person is saying that they appreciate the ability to use transparency mode on their AirPods because it allows them to hear important sounds from their environment while still enjoying the audio from their AirPods.

Guide to Replica Airpods (r/RepTronics)


RT Verified Sellers

RepTronics features Verified Sellers program. Here, sellers who want to participate go through multiple stage verification process, which includes reviewing product samples selected by the moderators, then by the reviews provided by various independent members. This program is completely free and we don't get commission for it! Sellers participating in this program are monitored for their customer service, product quality and more. This means you have a very low chance of being scammed, and if scammed, we will try our best to resolve your situation with the seller. However you always bear the risk, keep that in mind.

Non-RT Verified Sellers

Just because there are sellers who aren't listed in RepTronics, doesn't mean they provide bad quality products, you can always check popular webstores such as AliExpress and Alibaba, and ask us for feedback! Remember that reviews online can be faked, so make sure to do a multiple point checkup to make sure you get a good product, for a good price.


There are a few types of resellers. Dropshippers, who mainly artificially inflate the price for their profit, however may provide better customer service, though questionable. Or actual resellers who have stock in their place of residence, this provides additional convenience for the buyers! While charged a bit more than in AliExpress/Alibaba stores, you get the convenience of faster shipping, and possibly better customer service!

PACKAGING Non-branded box, non-branded unit

Generic boxes, mainly either not branded at all, or have a specific branding of the seller. While this may not bring the best unboxing experience, it will provide safety for your package with less chance of being seized at customs. The unit inside the box won't have any branding either, however it will retain all the software features.

Non-branded box, branded unit

While coming in a generic box, the unit will have markings such as the serial number inside the case and in the Pods.

Branded box, branded unit

The unit and the box are branded, the box will have the same packaging style and components as in originals, including manuals. Warning! All units sold with this configuraion in RepTronics by Verified Sellers, will have a special indication that the unit is not genuine. We action measures against scamming.

Note that the packaging may be different in quality depending on the sellers.



All current units sold will show the AirPods Pop-up interface in iOS.

Battery Information

All current units sold will show the battery information in iOS. Some apps on Android may show such information as well, more information available in the Apps section.


More or less the same with originals.


Renaming, Find My, Audio Share, Live Listen, Pop-up, Battery Report, In-Ear Detection, About Information, Apple Watch Compatibility features are supported by all currently sold units. For more details about the features, goto #versions


Cases have leds with the breathing animations like originals. Wireless Charging is supported on all current units sold.


Microphone quality isn't the best, your voice may be muffled when talking to others, sadly this happens with most units currently sold. You may also sometimes experience In-Ear Detection falsely pausing and re-playing your music every once in a while when outside or under direct sunlight, only way to prevent this is to turn off In-Ear Detection from settings, or specific apps via Android.


Alternative to iCloud synchronization on Apple devices, it is powered by the Bluetooth 5 technology inside the unit that allows to store up to 3 devices in memory and connect to 2 devices simaltenously. QuickSwitch monitors audio outputs from the connected devices and switches the audio source accordingly. Equipped on select models.


Sound is mainly on the same level as originals. You may sometimes need to change the Equalizer settings on your phone to have more comfortable sound for your ears.


If your unit comes with muffled sound, it is suggested to do a burn-in, which is playing music on 60% volume for 3 hours.


Pop-up not supported. Battery information reported using A2DP protocol by default. You may use a specific app for your unit for additional battery information such as the case. Check Apps section.


All features work properly using the on-board gestures of the unit. You may additionally change settings and control features by using specific apps.

TRACKING ORDERS Tracking Providers

We recommend using 17Track (https://17track.net), or ParcelsApp (https://parcelsapp.com).


Sellers mainly use SUNYOU, 4PX, Cainiao (AliExpress), or YDH.

Status Updates

It may take a few days until the tracking number provided can show status updates. First status will most likely be "Shipment Information Received", you will need to wait for a few more days until the courier starts processing your package and ships it.


Mainly the difference is in the quality of the software and the hardware components. For example one chip may provide better ANC and Transparency, the other one may not.

Board Manufacturers

While chip can be the same, the board manufacturers may be different. Most popular are HR and TigerBuilder (for Airoha). Different board manufacturers may provide different results for certain specifications, for example better ANC and Transparency.


Renaming, Find My, Audio Share, Live Listen, Pop-up, Battery Report, In-Ear Detection, About Information, Apple Watch Compatibility features are supported by all currently sold units. Versions will show specific features.

AIRPODS 2 V3.1 Chip Models

AB1562M / AB1562U / AB1562E / HUILIAN B24


General Features + QuickSwitch (AB1562E only)

AIRPODS 3 V1.1 Chip Models

BES 2500 / HUILIAN A10, A10S / AB1562E


General Features + Force Touch | Spatial Audio | QuickSwitch (BES 2500 and AB1562E Only)

V1.0 Chip Models

JL / AB1562M / AB1562U


General Features + Force Touch


HUILIAN A6 PRO / BES 2500 / AB1562AE


General Features + Active Noise Cancellation | Transparency Mode | Force Touch | Spatial Audio | QuickSwitch

V4.5 (Successor of V4.0 in terms of software and hardware quality) Chip Models



General Features + Active Noise Cancellation | Transparency Mode | Force Touch

V4.0 Chip Model



General Features + Active Noise Cancellation | Transparency Mode | Force Touch




General Features + Active Noise Cancellation | Transparency Mode | Force Touch | Spatial Audio | QuickSwitch | Case Speakers | Swipe Volume Control

V1.0 Chip Model



General Features + Active Noise Cancellation | Transparency Mode | Force Touch | Case Speakers | Swipe Volume Control

AIRPODS MAX V1.0 Chip Model



General Features + Active Noise Cancellation | Transparency Mode




It is important that you forget your device from bluetooth settings prior reset


Leave the pods outside of the case to let the battery fully drain. It's important to have no charge left, so leave it out one full day or more. Once done, charge for 3 hours, then do a soft reset.


It is important that you forget your device from bluetooth settings prior reset

For Max

Remove from the Smart Case, press and hold the Noise Control button for 15 seconds, then put back into the case for 10 seconds.

For Others

Open the lid and hold the back button for 13 seconds, until the case LED blinks ambient, then close the lid, afterwards wait for 5 seconds and open the lid, wait for another 5 seconds then pair. Please note that some chips may not support soft reset.


If one of your pods has quieter sound than the other one, contact the seller for assistance.

BAD SOUND Procedure

You may experience bad quality sound after updating to iOS 16. Turn Headphone Accommodations OFF in Settings > Accessibility > Sound/AirPods. You may also try doing a burn-in, refer to Sound Quality section for more information.


When the unit is connected to an iPhone, and everything starts to lag and freeze, put your watch into Airplane mode and reconnect.


This guide may not be 100% accurate, keep that in mind.


Check for the wrapping, the stitching should be ideal, otherwise it's or re-wrapped or are fakes. Check for the pull tab (when buying Pro 1st Gen), it should be perfectly aligned with the box, hold pretty well and not come out.

Serial Information

If the unit was bought by the seller recently, the warranty date starts from the day of purchase of the product from the Apple store or an official Apple reseller.


Check the overall quality, everything must be perfectly lined, the serial stickers must be perfectly aligned, the font used should be Apple San Francisco ONLY.


The texts should be aligned properly, not printed under angle, the languages dependent on the country, make sure it matches with the box stickers, manual corners should be perfectly round.


The hinge should be metal and properly aligned, the "Designed by Apple" text shouldn't be bold, should be properly aligned and the text itself should be engraved equally with the same thickness.

Serial Numbers

Check the inside of the case, the case serial number should match the box, the pods should have different serial numbers both from the case and each other, should match the reported serial information in iOS.

Serial Information

On Apple's Warranty Check page, the pods should be already activated and in warranty. Select cases when warranty is not activated until paired with an Apple device is possible, that is due to some Apple resellers not reporting inventory information to Apple properly.


If you are buying AirPods 2nd Generation then the 2 speaker holes should be perfectly seen, the grills shouldn't have any glue residue.

SOFTWARE New, wrapped

When pairing with an Apple device, an AirPods Welcome animation should pop-up, not "Not Your AirPods".

Spatial Audio

While some replicas have Spatial Audio functionality, it is still a good idea to check if you are buying the Pros, use the system demo found in AirPods Settings in iOS.

AirPods Not Genuine Pop-up

If your Apple device reports the unit as being not genuine, try to unpair and pair again, otherwise the unit is definitely not genuine.

Soft Reset

Hold the back button until the case light turns orange (lid open), no lights should come up from the pods. After the soft reset is complete, the pods should show up with the AirPods Welcome animation.

Useful Apps

Updating the firmware on your reps can often add new features, such as spatial audio, or improve their stability. In order to do this, you can use a variety of apps that are available for download. However, please note that most of these apps are only available for Android devices.

Below are apps that can be downloaded to aid you, alongside what versions and chipsets of reps they support. If you have problems in installing the non-Play Store apps, make sure to enable 'Install from unknown sources' in your settings (in the Security or Accessibility section).

Chip Link
AirReps156X (ANDROID) https://airreps.link/update/
FlyCC (ANDROID) https://airreps.link/flycc
CloudCC* (ANDROID) https://airreps.link/cloudcc
Behool (ANDROID) https://airreps.link/behoolcleaned
HBluetooth (iOS) https://airreps.link/hbluetooth
BullSuper (ANDROID) https://airreps.link/bullsuperhr
HuiAirPodsControl (ANDROID) https://airreps.link/airpodscontrol

Troubleshooting Replica AirPod Issues



You may receive miss-marketed AirPod Pro clones when ordering on sites like AliExpress from unverified sellers. You can use the app for the chipset to verify that you received the correct chipset, it is often not enough proof to show the app. You may need to open the AirPods and take a picture of the chipset as proof.

Here's how you can do this, without damaging the AirPods:



One common issue with AirPods Pro replicas is their compatibility with macOS. This issue is caused by the replicas' inability to fully support iCloud, resulting in iCloud verification failure. The issue can be fixed by first forgetting the AirPods on any iCloud device (iOS, iPadOS, WatchOS, etc) you have connected to before.


Frequent pausing of audio or video while using AirPods Pro replicas is a common issue, often caused by the in-ear detection sensors. This issue can also occur if the AirPods do not fit securely in your ear. To fix this issue, you can either choose other ear tips (on pros) or turn off in-ear detection through settings.


Some users of AirPods Pro replicas may experience an issue where the AirPods remain connected to their device even after closing the charging case. This is typically caused by a malfunction with the magnets and hall sensor inside the case, which are responsible for detecting the position of the AirPods. To fix this issue, follow the steps outlined in the following YouTube tutorial: https://youtu.be/kv5Ixw_YY2E

BAD SOUND QUALITY OR BASS ISSUES WITH AIRPODS PRO REPLICAS ON iOS Some users of AirPods Pro replicas may experience issues with the sound quality or bass on iOS devices. This is typically caused by the "Headphone Accommodations" feature, which is enabled by default on iOS. To fix this issue, you will need to turn this off. Follow these steps: Go to Settings > Accessibility > Audio / Visual > Headphone Accomodations and turn it off.


If you are experiencing issues with only one of your AirPods Pro replicas working properly, and the pod is slowly flashing every time you open the charging case, you can try resetting the pairing. This is a simple process that can help resolve the issue.

To reset the pairing on your AirPods Pro replicas, follow these steps:

• Hold the back pairing button for 2-3 seconds while the pods are in the case.


• Forget your device from Bluetooth settings, then turn off Bluetooth.

• Open the lid and hold the back button for a few seconds, until the light flashes, then close the lid. Don't worry if your light doesn't flash the same as in the image.

• Wait a full 1 minute, then turn on Bluetooth, open the lid and try to reconnect.

• If it doesn't work, take the pods out and put them back in. Close the lid and wait for the light to turn off. Then open it and try again. It can take 3-4 SOFT RESETS to work. If it doesn't try a HARD RESET (see below)

Click on the link to view an image of how to soft reset https://airreps.info/softreset


• Forget your AirPod device from Bluetooth settings.

• Remove the pods from the case for several hours to let the battery fully drain. Leave the case open. It's important to not have any residual charge left, so leave it out for at least one full day or more if required.

• Once it's drained, put the pods back in the case and charge the case.

• Now, do a SOFT RESET. It can take 3-4 SOFT RESETS to work


To adjust the left/right volume balance on an iOS device, go to Settings > Accessibility. On an Android device, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings app and select Accessibility from the list.
  2. On the Accessibility screen, scroll down to the Audio and On-Screen Text section.
  3. Use the slider to adjust the volume balance until the audio sounds calibrated.

For advanced users with basic soldering experience, there is a more involved method for fixing left/right volume imbalance in AirPods. If one of your AirPods sounds quieter or has less bass than the other, it may be out of phase. This can occur when the earbuds are improperly wired during assembly. To fix this issue, you can follow the instructions in this community-written guide: https://airreps.info/outofphase. You can also use the test provided on the website to determine if your AirPods are out of phase.


To troubleshoot connectivity issues with AirPods, try the following steps:

Forget the AirPods from your iPhone (This seems to be an issue with iCloud Connect). Try connecting the AirPods to your Mac. If you don't hear any sound when the AirPods are connected, you may need to reset them.

Audio doesn't play while Apple Watch is connected "WatchOS 7+ Issue"


If you're using WatchOS and experiencing issues with your AirPods clones, such as connection problems or freezing on your phone, there are two ways to fix this. Credit goes to SykadeLick#4034 on Discord for identifying the issue.

  1. Method that works for all types:
  2. Power off your Apple Watch or put it in airplane mode.
  3. Your AirPods should now function correctly.
  4. Method that only works for AirPods Pro clones:
  5. With your AirPods Pro in your ears, go to Settings > Bluetooth on your iOS device.
  6. Tap the info button next to your AirPods in the list of devices.
  7. Tap Ear Tip Fit Test.
  8. Tap Continue, then tap the Play button.
  9. Your AirPods Pro should now function correctly.