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Click on any category below to access the complete guide to finding and buying replicas.

Category Link to Guide Description
DhGate Guide to DHGate Learn how to search DHGate for the latest replica items in all categories.
Couture Guide to CoutureReps Find high fashion and couture level replicas including apparel, bags & shoes.
Designer Guide to DesignerReps Discover a world of Designer fashion label replicas in all categories.
Electronics Guide to RepTronics & AirReps The latest replica electronics incl. AirPods, headphones, smart watches etc.
Fashion Guide to FashionReps Street level fashion and hype clothing & apparel.
Jewelry Guide to Jewelry Reps The latest and most popular jewellery replicas and where to find them.
Ladies Guide to RepLadies & WagoonLadies The complete guide to ladies replica fashion, bags, shoes and more.
Lego Guide to Lego aka Lepin Uncover the world of replica lego and find pieces and kits.
Sneakers Guide to SneakerReps & KobeReps All types of sneakers from popular brands like Nike, Air Jordan, Yeezy etc.
Watches Guide to RepTime & ChinaTime The complete guide to replica watches and how to find the best value for money.


Note: These items are currently under construction.

Database of Watch Models

Database of Watch Factories


Agents assist with forwarding your parcels to various countries and areas in the world from China.

Agent Link Information
SuperBuy Link Receive an $86 coupon on sign up.
CSSBuy Link
SugarGoo Link
PandaBuy Link
WeGoBuy Link


A list of tools to help find and review replica items.

Tool Link Description
Watch QC Tool Link Determine whether your watch QC photos are RL or GL.
QC Finder Link Enter a link from taobao/weidian/1688/tmall to find previous QC photos.
Shipping Calculator Link Calculate the costs of shipping a haul in advance of ordering.


A list of replica subs on Reddit and what they offer.

Subreddit Name Category
r/1688Reps All Chinese reps
r/AirReps AirPods, Headphones
r/DhGate All the things
r/DhGateReps General
r/ChinaTime Affordable watches
r/CoutureReps Fashion, Footwear, Bags, Handbags
r/DesignerReps Fashion, Footwear, Bags, Handbags, Accessories
r/FashionReps Fashion, Footwear, Accessories
r/FemReps Ladies
r/Flexicas General
r/KobeReps NBA Sneakers
r/Lepin Lego
r/LuxeLife Invite Only, General
r/PandaBuy Chinese Shopping Agent
r/QualityReps General
r/RepArchive General
/r/RepBudgetFashion/ Apparel, General
r/RepBudgetSneakers Sneakers
r/RepLadies Closed
r/RepLadiesDesigner Ladies
r/RepSneakers Sneakers
r/RepTime Watches
r/RepTronics Eletronics
r/SneakerReps Sneakers
r/SuperBuy Chinese Shipping Agent
r/WagoonLadies Ladies


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Shipping calculator

Calculate shipping costs for agents like SuperBuy, CSSBuy, SugarGoo, PandaBuy, WeGoBuy & more.

Click HERE

How long will it take for my package to arrive?

There are a number of factors that will determine how long it will take, such as shipping service, destination country, flight schedule, potential customs bottlenecks, and much more.

Below is a table of minimum, average, and maximum delivery times of ePacket and EMS to countries.

Destination Country Minimum Arrival Time Average Arrival Time Maximum Arrival Time
Albania 68 days 83 days 124 days
Argentina 69 days 83 days 120 days
Australia 7 days 21 days 40 days
Austria 24 days 37 days 46 days
Bangladesh 31 days 35 days 88 days
Belarus 49 days 68 days 98 days
Belgium 30 days 42 days 74 days
Bhutan 38 days 44 days 77 days
Botswana 87 days 87 days 87 days
Brazil 47 days 97 days 127 days
Bulgaria 40 days 58 days 100 days
Canada 6 days 48 days 108 days
Chile 65 days 74 days 93 days
Columbia 43 days 75 days 110 days
Croatia 61 days 83 days 104 days
Czech Republic 30 days 51 days 100 days
Denmark 15 days 24 days 36 days
Estonia 55 days 68 days 85 days
Finland 23 days 43 days 96 days
France 11 days 41 days 65 days
Germany 14 days 29 days 120 days
Greece 37 days 65 days 114 days
Hungary 12 days 42 days 92 days
India 34 days 80 days 143 days
Indonesia 13 days 48 days 159 days
Iran 36 days 43 days 58 days
Ireland 21 days 61 days 116 days
Israel 31 days 58 days 76 days
Italy 11 days 48 days 107 days
Japan 11 days 22 days 69 days
Kazakhstan 66 days 66 days 66 days
Kuwait 33 days 49 days 87 days
Latvia 44 days 51 days 120 days
Lebanon 25 days 65 days 107 days
Lithuania 47 days 52 days 89 days
Luxembourg 44 days 54 days 71 days
Malaysia 21 days 30 days 72 days
Mexico 50 days 64 days 84 days
Morocco 51 days 78 days 105 days
Netherlands 18 days 31 days 51 days
New Zealand 11 days 56 days 99 days
Nigeria 59 days 99 days 170 days
Norway 20 days 49 days 80 days
Oman 26 days 38 days 85 days
Pakistan 27 days 89 days 189 days
Philippines 19 days 53 days 71 days
Poland 5 days 42 days 71 days
Portugal 35 days 60 days 104 days
Qatar 23 days 32 days 67 days
Romania 81 days 90 days 105 days
Russia 21 days 47 days 62 days
Saudi Arabia 33 days 38 days 49 days
Serbia 32 days 49 days 79 days
Singapore 7 days 18 days 28 days
Slovenia 66 days 87 days 114 days
South Korea 12 days 17 days 43 days
Spain 17 days 55 days 90 days
Sweden 36 days 46 days 68 days
Switzerland 20 days 42 days 60 days
United Arab Emirates 36 days 57 days 76 days
United Kingdom 17 days 32 days 76 days
USA 16 days 40 days 84 days

Note these dates and timings are an estimate.

Some items may take longer or shorter depending on a number of factors.

Use 17track to find your package.

Then pray.